Legendary: Encore - The Stakes Are High

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
This Sunday marks the launch of the Fall ministry season and we are kicking it off big with Legendary: Encore. Five weeks of absolutely insanely great legendary classic rock tunes and an indepth look at the life of Peter, the most legendary Christian in history.

I can assure you that our creative team is poring over every second of every service, leaving no stone unturned to create in that one hour a series of unforgettable experiences, surprises, all executed to the very best of our ability.


Well, for sure because God demands and deserves our excellent worship and the very best services we can plan and execute.

But also because the stakes are high. And that is where YOU come in, dear Next Level leader.

Everything we are doing in Legendary: Encore is designed to make the life of a Christ-follower to be irresistible, to make God look undeniably appealing, to make the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to be the greatest Story ever told, the Story that crashes into our own stories and changes everything.

But people gotta be here to hear it and experience it. Your friends. Family members. Co-workers. Neighbors. Teammates. Classmates.

Next Level has a GREAT culture of inviting the people we are investing in.

But I am asking you to go above and beyond for these next few weeks.

Invite extravagantly. Invite with risk. Invite as if someone's destiny hangs in the balance.

Because it just might.

Whom are you inviting - THIS WEEK?

And each week?

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