What YOU Need To Do Before This Sunday

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Every week as we plan our worship services we insure that somewhere in the service the Gospel - the heart of the Christian story - will be touched on and people given the chance to respond.

But once every teaching series we go out of our way to create an entire service so that it leads to that point - with the goal being a thorough and clear explanation of the Gospel so that people have a very specific chance to respond.

And twice a year - in our January series launching the Winter ministry season and our August series launching the Fall ministry season - we knock ourselves out to create ONE day where the Gospel is so compellingly presented that we can promise you "IF you get your disconnected friends here on this day you won't regret it because they will NEVER have a better chance to respond to the great news that they can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

THIS is THAT Sunday!

I am asking each of you to do three things as we lead up to Sunday:

1. Take some time each day this week to pray specifically for our services this coming Sunday - that the Holy Spirit is given freedom to work and that many will come to faith in Christ.

2. Take some time each day to tell God: "Lord, I am available to you - show me whom to invite and how I can share my faith today".

3. INVITE as many people as you possibly can and get them here this Sunday!

If we ALL commit to doing these three things - starting right now - I think God will show up HUGE this Sunday!

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