Monday Reflections

Monday, August 09, 2010
-So grateful to my friend Chris Payne for delivering a tight and focused message yesterday - SO great to have a new partner in town in New Charlotte Church - not sure what all that partnership will involve in days to come but I do know God is up to something. Their team has a great heart and vision.

-GREAT to be reminded that Church (with a big "C") is way bigger than any one church with a little "c".

-That said, I LOVE Next Level Church! I loved showing you guys off yesterday!

-Still coming to grips with the damage the "wind event" did to our campus last Thursday night. Thousands of dollars, including some important stuff. SO thankful that the micro burst hit half an hour before our worship team began rehearsal - gives me chills to think our guys could have been in the parking lot or in an exposed area when the wind hit. Grateful to God for his provision.

-There are financial implications - big ones - to that damage. I'm asking you - if you benefit or are encouraged by Next Level's ministry in any way -to dig deep and come up with a special gift. Online giving is a great way to do that. Or come with a special, sacrificial gift next Sunday!

-Our South Africa team returns tomorrow! Can't wait to hear their stories - already getting the sense it was a life-altering time for most if not all of those guys. Please pray for safe travel on the last legs of their journey.

-Pumped for the launch of Legendary (Encore) in two weeks! Be PRAYING and INVITING - this series is absolutely center cut for you to bring friends. As school gets started and people settle into a fall routine (weird to talk about fall when it is still six hundred degrees outside!) more people are open to connecting to church. This is a hugely strategic stretch of weeks for us. So be INVESTING and INVITING! Trust me, the music in this series will blow your mind - we are going to do some things we haven't ever dared before!

-THIS Sunday will be one of the most strategic and exciting of the year with huge implications for the fall - you do not want to miss it!

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