Things I Think I Am Thinking About

Thursday, August 12, 2010
1. That I am excited our South African mission team is home and that I have a sense that involvement in international ministry will be an increasingly important part of Next Level's ministry strategy.

2. That I believe that over the next stretch we will see as many or more people making first-time decisions to follow Christ through our Life Groups as through our Sunday worship environments.

3. That the main emotions gripping our nation and community now are uncertainty and fear...which means that we as the church are incredibly well-positioned to see amazing growth and impact. Why? Because we have the certainty of the Resurrection to draw on and because if death can be defeated there is no reason to fear ANYTHING. In the Gospel we have the exact message needed for our culture and our community at this very point in time.

4. One of the main sources of that uncertainty and fear is financial insecurity. That means that for many of us who are followers of Christ our number one spiritual battle right now revolves around money. Specifically, will we hoard our resources to ward off uncertainty or will we lean into the wind and unleash more of our resources than ever before so that the church can take full advantage of the current environment of fear and uncertainty? And, by the way, that was a personal question.

5. I am more excited about this fall at Next Level than I have ever been about any other ministry season in our history. I just have a sense that things are going to rock and lives are going to be changed in some profound ways.

6. That we have GOT to do everything we can to get everyone we can to INVITE all we can to Legendary (Encore)...because the Gospel is going to be clear and straight and the environments will be incredible. Who are YOU inviting that you have been investing in?

7. That as much as the Give:Love project has had big time influence and impact in our area, its best and biggest days are ahead of it.

8. That our core vision of being one church in multiple locations is more sure than ever.

9. That if you have never invested in a volunteer ministry opportunity at NLC, NOW is the time. We need you for this fall stretch and you need to be fully invested. It will never be more easy to get involved than it will be this coming Sunday.

10. That our best days as a church are AHEAD of us and that God is going to blow our minds with what he will do!

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