Monday Recap

Tuesday, September 07, 2010
So grateful for another great weekend. Labor Day is typically very much a "down" for churches. I am really grateful that we are in a cycle of momentum now where even down days are not down - have not seen that much in many years of ministry!

A number of requests for a recap of yesterday's teaching on holiness. Here ya go...

Holiness is not reserved for the spiritually elite or for people who have thee time and temperament to spend a lot of time in monasteries. Holiness is what happens when you take the next right step in your relationship with God.

We looked at 1 Peter 1:13-16 and the three types of steps Peter talked about.

1. The step AWAY - identifying the old habits and patterns that have kept us from God and allowing God to "shred" them.

2. The step FORWARD - identifying the habits and patterns that create spiritual momentum and allowing God to develop them.

3. The step UP - identifying three non-negotiable steps on the path to holiness: Baptism, Tithing, and spiritual community (Life Groups).

What's the next step YOU need to take?

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