A Faith That Works

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Excited about the launch of our newest series this coming week - A Faith That Works.

We are going to be spending a good stretch this Fall in the book of James. I hope you will read the book repeatedly during this series.

What I love about James is that it is so gut level practical. It's all about how do I live out this faith in the rough and tumble of real life - how do I follow Christ on my job site, in my home, in my key relationships?

It's not about theory. But about raw, real stuff. Dealing with temptation. Controlling the tongue. Fighting through pain. Dealing with spiritual warfare.

My suggestion is that you get prepared for this series rather than just showing up! Ask God: "What are some of the down to earth, basic truths of your Word that you want to remind me of and put into practice in my life in new ways? Where do you want to remodel my character, clean out a dusty closet, re-organize a cluttered workshop so that my life can be focused and pure for Your purposes?"

That's a Faith that Works.

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