Monday Reflections

Monday, September 13, 2010
I honestly believe this past weekend was the BEST in Next Level's history!

Here's why:

-We celebrated our five year anniversary. It has been an amazing, unpredictable journey fully of twists and turns. We started out as a church of 25-30 meeting on Sunday nights in Pineville in another church's facility. Who would have thought that five years later we would be a church of more than 900 meeting at its own campus in Union County? You can't make stuff like that up!

-We celebrated 911 people that have made first time commitments to Christ in our five years - 911 neighbors, family members, kids, parents, co-workers, teammates whose lives are changed for eternity.

-We celebrated those 911 folks on our fifth year anniversary of our starting date, which was 9/11/05. 911 on 9/11!

-911 balloons! (thanks, volunteers!)

-No, I never considered teaching after inhaling helium!

-"Bohemian Rhapsody". A friend of mine who is a professional touring musician viewed the video and said his jaw was dropping. Harrison and team - that was a freaking tour de force! Thanks for using your talents to honor God and attract people to his church.

-The amazing energy on campus.

-Baptizing 28 people!

-More people on our campus than any other time in our history except for Easter!

-Getting to go back to FUEL on Sunday night and worship and share Communion with our amazing volunteer leaders - talking vision and the future.

-Such a great day that it made the Panthers' season-opening debacle less painful!

-I am still on something of a high, but am not looking back. The most important reason I think this weekend was our best ever is because it reminded me again that the BEST, by God's grace, is still AHEAD of us!

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