Monday Reflections

Monday, September 27, 2010
-SO glad to be back in Charlotte after a ministry trip to California. I was consulting with one of the great churches in our Growing Healthy Churches Network - Disciples Church in Folsom. Loved being with Pastor Stu Streeter and his team but I never quite feel normal not being at Next Level on a Sunday morning.

-BUT it is so amazing to know that I am not needed! Have been hearing that Pastor Robbie nailed it yesterday. So great to be able to leave the teaching ministry in great hands when I have to be away.

-Not a huge fan of travel anymore but I am so encouraged every time I do something with Growing Healthy Churches - even if you guys don't know all the ins and outs it is a great partnership for NLC because having like minded guys to learn from and share ideas and resources makes US better.

-I really hated to miss the students doing the Lifehouse deal...we haven't done a lot of "drama" in our five years but it is always great to try new stuff and REALLY great to get folks from our student ministry on the stage. Watched it on YouTube and they did a great job!

-I really am getting too old for this late night coast to coast travel. Looking everywhere this afternoon for the bus that hit me last night!

-Packed week ahead - excited to be back teaching this Sunday. Speaking of that, I am convinced that for many folks this series on James will be a watershed moment in their lives.

-Speaking of that, who are YOU inviting this week for round two of A Faith That Works!

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