Wednesday Ministry Insider

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Too much exciting stuff going on to limit it to one ministry area! So, here are some bullet points:

-Over one hundred students and volunteers are heading to WinterCamp Friday afternoon. Pray for safe travels and changed lives. Pray for Pastor Robbie and his team as they have crucial conversations that may change the lives of some teens forever. Pray for Pastor Jared as he speaks.

-With all of the students gone to WinterCamp the average age on our campus Sunday is going to go WAY up!!

-The Rock Rest book signing was an INSANE success - you guys signed all 550 copies of books for the kids. Way to go!

-We are on the verge of announcing two of the most off the chart exciting new ministry initiatives in our history. Both are incredible - the second one is the best ministry idea I have heard at NLC in a year. Can't wait to tell you!

-Don't miss the final week of Livin' on a Prayer. I LOVE the topic this week - and part of that is because Jesus' words are one of the greatest stand-up comedy routines in history!

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