Monday Recap

Monday, January 10, 2011
Still coming down off of a great day at NLC yesterday. Of course, a snow-blanketed world this morning makes that easier!

I'm going to start recapping Sunday's teaching here on Monday, along with some added extras.

We started our three week journey through Jesus's teaching on prayer centered around the Lord's Prayer.

Here were the key points:

Luke 11:1-2 are all about two key relationships and two key declarations:

Relationship 1 - We relate to God as our Father when we pray, which makes the Christian faith unique among all the world religions.

Relationship 2 - We pray best in community (Jesus said "When ya'll pray"!)

"May your name be made holy" and "May your Kingdom come soon" are declarations not requests!

Declaration 1 - May your name be kept holy...this happens as we live lives that enhance God's reputation - we are "wearing his jersey".

Declaration 2 - The Kingdom is where Jesus is present. Until he comes again the best expression of the Kingdom is the local church, which makes it worthy of our passionate investment.


1. The next step is to pray the Lord's Prayer daily and thoughtfully for the next three weeks.

2. Where in my life am I enhancing God's name, increasing his reputation? Where might I be harming it? What do I need to do to change this?

3. Do I really see the local church for what it is - the best place for the life of the Kingdom to be demonstrated? What next steps can I take to enhance my commitment to the advancing of the Kingdom through NLC?

4. Where do I want God to change or improve my prayer life during the rest of this teaching series?

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