Monday Recap

Monday, January 24, 2011
Text: Luke 11:5-10

Big Idea: God is approachable and we can approach him with boldness and confidence.

One of the hardest experiences in life is to have our prayers appear to go unanswered - but Jesus tells a story of a persistent guy and an annoyed neighbor to contrast our reluctance to help others with God the Father's eagerness to answer us - even if he does not answer in the way or in the timing we would like.

Jesus says our boldness takes these forms:


Asking is simply laying our wants and needs out to God.

Sometimes we don't ask because we are afraid of the answer, or because we are self-reliant, or because we freak out, or because we don't know how.

What are you NOT asking God for?

And once we have asked, we partner with God in the answer by moving ahead boldly in the areas we are asking for help (seek....knock) listening to God at every turn and developing our relationship with him.

Prayer is not petition to an impersonal Supreme Being. It is communication with a Father who is full of love and who always answers in love and in the right time.

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