Is Your Halo Broken? (Or, Theology Lessons From Keith Richards)

Monday, December 05, 2011
I like to read books about theology, so I am reading the autobiography of the Rolling Stones' guitarist, Keith Richards.

As you would expect from the guy Johnny Depp based his Jack Sparrow character on, it is rated M for mature. Language and stories from touring and stuff.

But it has moments of real clarity, even insight.

At one point Keef is talking about how all of his best friends have been in jail and how he's not sure he could be close to anyone who has not messed up.

Here's what he says:

"If you can't [bleep] up, where's your halo? My life is full of broken halos".

It's a great image, a broken halo. It's what it means to be human.

Created beautiful and whole, made for connection with the Creator and his creation.

Twisted by rebellion and the desire to worship something, anything other than God.

Halo bent, cracked, limp, broken.

A beautiful mess.

But not for always and all time.

The Son of the Creator came to be broken in my place, so that I could be put back together.

So, why would I ever pretend to have a whole, pristine halo?

My broken halo is my trophy because it is my token of how much God loves me, how much he hates my condition opposed to him, the extent he will go to bring me back home, and how much he wantes and is waiting to change me.

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