Why I am Throwing a Mini-Party at My Desk

Monday, December 19, 2011
Sometimes churches have an over reliance on numbers.  How many nickels? How many noses?

And sometimes churches don't care enough about the numbers.  Us Four and No More!

But there is one number that has me almost singing at my desk.
Two is the number of people who checked off the connection card and told us that they were starting a relationship with God by accepting his Son Jesus Christ at the Blakeney Campus.

That's right. The second week that NLC Blakeney met there were two people who chose to follow Christ in such a way that it would radically reshape their identity, their security, and their source of significance.

This is what people have been working toward for a long time.  And this is what people have been praying about for a long time.  But this is not the culmination of the work, it is the beginning of it.

In the words of the Bible, this is the "firstfruits" or that first basket of fruit, vegetables, and grain brought in from the harvest.  And if you are a farmer who lives off of what you grow, then when the firstfruits come in you party like a rock star.  

So I'm throwing a mini-party at my desk.  And for everyone that reads this post go ahead and toast the person in the cube next to you with your styrofoam coffee cup (they don't have to know why) and celebrate at your desk, too.  What God has done and also what it represents for the future.

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