Big News... (The Results Are In!)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011
[by Pastor Todd Hahn]
Those of you who were with us Sunday morning heard me make one of the most important and exciting announcements in our church's history. I do have some news to report but I want to bring everyone who was not there Sunday morning up to speed first.

When Next Level was planted just over six years ago, we sensed our calling was to reach the Ballantyne/Blakeney area and so our first home was Community House Middle School, right in the heart of Ballantyne. Through no fault of our own, we had to relocate and so we went on the incredible journey that resulted in our merger with TriCounty Community Church and the acquisition of our property in Union County. However, we knew that God still had a plan and purpose for us in Ballantyne/Blakeney.

Shortly after we launched, another church with a vision for Ballantyne/Blakeney began as well. Crosspoint Church began meeting in Ardrey Kell High School which is, to my mind, the single best location for church planting in South Charlotte, maybe all of Charlotte.

We were friends with the Crosspoint leaders and encouraged each other on our ministry journeys.

Several months ago, Crosspoint's Lead Pastor resigned. Since that time, most of the remaining pastoral staff have left as well. Sadly, this vibrant church has declined in numbers and has had a difficult transition period. They still have an incredible heart for God, core values and philosophy of ministry that mirror Next Level's, willing volunteers, and ample resources. We reached out to Crosspoint and asked how we could help or encourage them - they are too great of a people and Ballantyne/Blakeney is too spiritually strategic to let a church struggle and perhaps cease to exist.

Well, the last two weeks have been a whirlwind. They culminated in the Lead Team and Pastoral Search Team of Crosspoint making a unanimous recommendation to their people that they enfold into Next Level Church and the Ardrey Kell location become Next Level Blakeney, a campus that helps to fulfill our church's vision of "One Church in Multiple Locations". Next Level's staff leadership and Board also believe this is God's direction.

This morning, the people of Crosspoint voted 45-1 to join with Next Level. We again have a ministry center in Ballantyne/Blakeney and some amazing partners and teammates.

What will this mean? Only good things.

We have a team of teaching pastors who will rotate between Blakeney and Matthews to provide LIVE teaching at each location. We also have a deep bench of musicians and vocalists who will form one worship team serving both campuses. Many of you who live closer to Ballantyne/Blakeney will be drawn to the closer location. This is very fresh news and there are a ton of details to work out, but we sense that God is in this, calling our two churches together, and expanding - by His grace - our opportunity and influence to Connect People to God, Live Life Together, and Give Ourselves Away.

Many more details will come in the days ahead and you will have opportunities to serve and get involved at Next Level Blakeney if the Lord leads you that way. At a minimum we need you to pray: pray with thanksgiving for God's plans which are bigger and better than ours; pray for wisdom and patience as the two groups merge; pray for wisdom as we select and deploy leaders; pray for the hearts of the people in the Ballantyne/Blakeney area whom God is going to reach through this new adventure.

I am excited beyond measure by this opportunity and grateful to our God who always calls us onward and upward as we take the next right step in our relationship with Him - as individuals and as a church!

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