That's It?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is honestly a question I get asked more often than not.  When people ask me about what programs we have for them and their families throughout the week at our church, they are usually shocked by the answer.  Every time, I respond with: Sunday Morning Services (Including those for our kids & students)...and LifeGroups...that's it.  And they almost always respond with that question...THAT'S IT?  That's it!  

No, we don't have Sunday Night Prayer Services, or Monday Night night Jamboree.  We don't do Tuesday night door-to-door visitation, or midweek devotional.  We don't have Friday Night Bible School or Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfasts.  We don't do ANY of that stuff!  Legitimately, outside of special events, we ONLY do Sunday Morning Environments, and LifeGroups.  But why?

Why not do more?  Why not spend as much time as possible with the Church?  Well I'm glad you asked!

At Next Level Church, we have ONE evangelism strategy...YOU!  That's it.  We don't go knock on doors, or stand on street corners with megaphones.  Our one strategy for sharing the Gospel is you.  It's called invest, and invite.  We want YOU to invest in relationships with your friends, family, neighbors, & coworkers.  Once you have developed the credibility with those people to do so, we want you then to invite them to church with you.  Sometimes it's immediate, and sometimes, it takes a while.  Either way, once they show up, they can hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.  

But here's the problem.  If we decided to keep a busy church calendar, and ineveitably caused you to spend all your free time at church, you wouldn't have time to invest in the lives of your friends, and you certainly wouldn't have the opportunity to make new ones.  Your lives are busy already, so you would end up only having time to invest into relationships with the people you are always around, people who's eternal homes are already secure...people already here.  And as a result, nobody new would ever get invited to hear about the love God has for them, and the plans He has for their lives.

So as a church, we have committed to a "simple church" model, which keeps our calendar VERY lean.  Because honestly, we don't want you at a midweek bible study.  We'de rather you be at a BBQ with your neighbor.  Because then, and only then will you be granted those super cool opportunities to invite people to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

BTW, Christmas Eve is coming up.  Among your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family...WHO ARE YOU INVITING?  Don't come alone...It would be a shame if you did.

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