How Do You Pray?

Thursday, December 01, 2011
How do you pray?

When was the last time you asked someone this?  A friend, a mentor, a pastor?  

Oftentimes spiritual envy creeps into our lives.  We want to be like them.  Deep down we know that they didn't just wake up like that one morning.  Their relationship with God is likely the result of a day-by-day struggle of self-control and discipline.  And if you really wanted to know how they got that way, the questions most likely to yield you an answer are "What have you suffered?" and "How do you pray?"

I was taught in High School to CHAT:
  • Confess
  • Honor
  • Ask
  • Thank
And that was fine for a child. There are days when I'm feeling like enough of a child to pray like that still.

These days I have been taught to sit quietly, listen, fast, and pray through the Psalms.  I'm not saying that will be what works for you, but something will. So why not ask?

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