3 Secrets to Great Relationships

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Want to know the 3 secrets to great relationships? Of course you do!  Check out the ancient wisdom of the Bible from Philippians 2:1-11.

Common Ground
Great relationships are built around two people looking at a common object and helping one another pursue it.  But here is the trick: the more important the passion, the fiercer the friendship. A friendship built around boating will only go so deep unless it progresses to a friendship about helping one another live life well or raise great kids.  That's why Paul says the key to unity is to "set your minds on the one thing." What is that One Thing? It is the gospel!

Great relationships require a certain kind of character.  The two character traits that Paul emphasizes in this particular passage from Philippians are servant-hood and humility.  Servants see everything in their life as a gift to be used for the service around them.  Humble people don't think less or themselves, they think of themselves less.  How do you measure up?  Are you humble, do you serve?

An Encounter with Christ
Paul says the final secret is to "have the same mind as Christ Jesus."  On the surface this looks like he is saying, "follow Jesus example," but a closer inspection reveals that it's not about the example.  It's about an encounter.  It's about meeting Jesus face to face.  When that happens it will humble you to your core and revolutionize the way you view your resources.  It will make you a humble servant.

Don't forget to read Philippians this month as we continue our series The Secrets of Life...

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