Do I Belong At Next Level?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
I spent last week working in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This was my crib for the week:

I know. Nice, huh?

The very gracious owner gave my colleagues and I absolute access to the place.

All the bedrooms. The state of the art kitchen. The theatre and recording studio. The game room. The pool and sauna. The library. Everything, including this wine cellar:

I am not making this up.

Free reign,

But none of it belonged to me.

I didn't contribute to the down payment or to the upkeep and I surely don't help with the mortgage.

I was a guest, given amazing access by an incredible host.

But I had no ownership, and never will.

This past Sunday we talked about what it means to be a servant. One of the best arenas to serve is in the local church, which is the hope of the world and God's Plan A for reconciling men and women and kids to himself. A place like Next Level Church.

So, where are you serving?

If you contribute, you have skin in the game and you can well and truly consider yourself a vital part of what God us up to.

If you don't, then you are just like me last week - visiting, sitting, and soaking.

If you are brand new, especially if you are hurting or recovering, that is OK for a while. But after too long of a while it becomes counterproductive to your heart and soul.

Where are you going to give yourself away?

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