Friday Notes [Todd]

Friday, March 27, 2009
Happy Friday, NLC peeps.

Can't believe I actually typed "peeps". Nevertheless, I did.

A few notes for your Friday, pre Tar Heels advance to the Elite Eight reading.

*Very cool weekend ahead in Matthews. Dan Southerland will be our guest speaker kicking off a two week mini series - "Invest and Invite" leading into Easter. It is not hype to say that Dan is one of the very best speakers in the country and is also one of the founding pastors of NLC, so make sure you don't miss it!

*If you have not signed up for Twitter yet, take a second and do it now.
Jared's post below explains how we are going to use Twitter on Easter Sunday to make our service more interactive than ever before!

*Speaking of Easter it is only three weeks away. I can promise you that we are pulling out all the stops to make it an INCREDIBLE morning...with a very clear presentation of why Jesus' Resurrection matters....who are YOU bringing with you?

*A note to keep up the momentum of the FEAR(LESS) series with its emphasis on making sure that you are spending time interacting with God through the Bible and prayer. Each week had a theme verse and specific challenges - are you taking those up? And have you picked up a SOAP journal at Guest Resources yet? Whether you have been studying the Bible for thirty years or are brand new to Bible study, it is an awesome tool to help your understanding of God's Word move to the next level.

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