Lots to Choose From [Todd]

Monday, March 02, 2009
When this Charlotte snow day was actually a snow day we closed our office for the day, which allowed me to get an early start on teaching prep for the leadoff to FEAR(LESS).

The big idea for the series is this: God acts boldly on behalf of those who act boldly for God.

It is about not denying our fears or seeking distractions from our fears, but diving into our fears headlong, going for broke, and trusting God to come up big.

The problem is not in finding biblical material to root this teaching in but rather in choosing which material to use.

Account after account in Scripture is about men and women facing arduous tasks, impossible demands, and dangerous times and still choosing to bet it all on God.

I am excited about this series because it gives us a chance to get into some of those stories.

And extra excited for all of us because we have the chance to be truly counter-cultural in these fearful times.

I am challenging you to invite someone that you have been investing in and to do anything possible to get them there for the start of FEAR(LESS) - this Sunday.

Even with the unfortunate time change!

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