The Last Ten Percent [Todd]

Monday, September 28, 2009
During our LEGENDARY series, I taught on the concept of "the last 10 percent" as it relates to relationships.

The idea is that most people can share the first 90 percent but feel that the last 10 percent of truth is too hard or risky or threatening to share. So, we hold back from talking about the things that really matter and that could really create change in our lives.

This applies to our personal relationships AND to our relationships in the workplace. Can you imagine how much more effective we would be at work if we did our jobs in the context of a culture where it was safe to speak the last 10 percent? I am hoping and praying to create a culture at NLC where that is the case.

One of the pastor-bloggers I read regularly is Craig Groeschel from You can read his stuff here:

Here's what he wrote recently about the last 10 percent and how it had changed his life:

In my own life, sharing the first 90% of my heart is the easiest. The first 90% rarely takes any risk.
When it comes to developing intimacy, it usually happens when I share the final 10%. (The final 10% often consists of some combination of my fears, insecurities, doubts, and weaknesses.)
Most likely, like you, I’ve been burned after sharing the final 10%. Because of my hurts, for too long I kept the final 10% to myself.
Looking back, it is amazing how much this barrier limited my relationships.
Now, I’m blessed to share the final 10% with many people. It is in final 10% I find the most healing, intimacy, and trust.

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