Give Love Away 2009 Prayer [Todd]

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Tomorrow, we are beginning one of the most important three week stretches of our year - Give Love Away 2009. On October 11, we will give our very best to unleash a moment of unprecedented generosity where we will care for single moms and families in our area through our partnerships with Rock Rest Elementary and the Spring Hill neighborhood; funding the Car and Home Repair ministries, and improving Kid City so that we can love on even more kids in Union County and South Charlotte.

Here is the thing. In spite of our very best efforts, none of this will happen without a strong foundation of prayer, begging God for his help and strength. So, I am asking you to pray specifically for these things:

1. Pray that the people of NLC will grow deeper in our knowledge of God's grace towards us.
2. Pray that God would unleash an amazing spirit of generosity at NLC.
3. Pray that God would protect our church's families, leaders, and pastors from spiritual attack.
4. Pray with passion for the people we will impact thru Rock Rest, Spring Hill, the Car and Home Repair teams, and Kid City.
5. Pray that God will grant us success!

Will you join me in daily prayer through the three weeks of Give Love Away 2009?

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