Give Love Away 2009 - FAQ's (Todd)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Here are the answers to five of the most commonly asked questions about Give Love Away 2009:

1. Is Challenge Day on October 11 a one time event or the beginning of a pledge period?
Sunday October 11 is Challenge Day – a one-time event where we will give our very best offering (over and above our regular tithes and offerings). The needs touched by the Give:Love Project are so great that we want to make an immediate impact in our community and so instead of spreading our giving out we are asking each individual and family to give as much as we possibly can on that one day of challenge and celebration. However, for those who may be traveling on October 11, we will certainly honor Give Love Away donations that are designated as such and are given online or at another time.

2. Should I “designate” my gift to a specific part of Give Love Away? For instance, if I feel strongly about the Car Repair Ministry should I make my gift to that one area?
All of our gifts on October 11 will go into one pool from which we can respond to needs as they arise and as we plan specific outreaches. The “buttons” we have used as symbols for Give Love Away are merely designed to illustrate the various types of impact we will have. The Give:Love Project is a multi-faceted, yet integrated whole.

3. Do I have to give exactly one of the dollar amounts on the project “buttons”?
The dollar amounts on the project buttons are simply a way of comparing the total amount of resources it will take to have measurable impact in each area. It will cost a lot more to transform the Spring Hill neighborhood than to upfit Kid City, for instance. Think of it this way: if $100 will help one kid for a period of time, then $1,000 will help TEN kids come to know Jesus as their best Friend. And $3,000 will transform the lives of THIRTY kids for all of eternity!

4. What is the Four Month Tithe Challenge?
The Four Month Tithe Challenge is your opportunity to experience the faithfulness of God when you commit to a biblical tithe of at least ten percent of your income given to NLC for a four month period. In Malachi 3:10, God promises that if we will tithe he will unleash material and spiritual blessings in our lives. If you tithe for four months and do NOT experience God’s blessing, then we will return your tithe contribution, no questions asked! Note that committing to the Four Month Tithe Challenge is not a substitute for a sacrificial gift on Challenge Sunday; October 11 is all about giving over and beyond our regular tithes and offerings.

5. What will it take for Give Love Away 2009 to be considered a success?
During Give Love Away 2008, Next Level people gave an amazing $121,000 on one day to accomplish God’s purposes through our church. This was made possible by several large gifts of more than $20,000 and a number of gifts of $5,000-10,000…in addition to a huge number of smaller gifts. The economic climate in 2009 is a challenging one, to say the least. This means that we will need even more of these “large gifts” from those who are able and we will need everyone who is a part of NLC to give and sacrifice all that we can on October 11 so that we can care for kids, single moms, and families in our area so that God ‘s name will become even more famous in Union County and South Charlotte.

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