The Best Start

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Starting Point from NextLevelChurch on Vimeo.

Next Level Church is just never going to be one of those churches that just does stuff for the sake of doing stuff. We want people to live their lives outside the church, not attending the bi-weekly wild game cookout and sweater knitting night.

So when we tell you that we have something outside of Sunday morning that we want everyone to be involved in, it's gotta be important.

It's called Starting Point, and it's a one-time visit only class that is meeting this Monday night. EVERYONE at Next Level Church needs to check out this revamped and very important Starting Point class.


Because at Starting Point, you get the information you need to take your next steps, both at Next Level and in your relationship with God.

It's not just for people taking their first step, although those are the people we would love to talk to and hang out with at Starting Point. It really is a great Starting Point, like the starting line at a race. Sometimes you just need a little direction to figure out which way to run.

To clarify again: Starting Point is for everyone! It's just a great thing to check out.

So try it out this Monday night at 7pm. Childcare will be provided, so you have no more excuses. Well, you might have more excuses, but live a little bit and step out and try it!

See you there, this Monday night, 7pm, at Starting Point!

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