Legendary Friends [Todd]

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Excited about Life Group signup Sunday tomorrow, and I am especially excited that even before signup Sunday we have nearly 300 people already locked and loaded to be a part of a Life Group. It is going to be a great semester. Before we turn our attention totally to Life Groups this weekend, I want to respond to numerous requests to hit the highlights of last week's teaching on this blog...

The topic was Legendary Friends, specifically the three types of spiritual friendships you need to make it through life well and to leave a legacy of great relationships.

The Big Idea: To have life-changing friendships, you need to be a life-changing friend.

Life Changing-Friend #1: an ENCOURAGER (2 Tim 1:3-7)
-Someone who sees you for who you are and believes in you anyway.

Life-Changing Friend #2: a CHALLENGER (1 Tim 4:14-16)
-Someone who sees you for who you are and sees what you can become.

Life-Changing Friend #3: a PASTOR (1 Tim 6:11-14)
-Someone who sees God for who He is, and points you towards Him.

Do you have friends like this?
Whom do you need to befriend in one of these ways?

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