Jesus' Day Job

Tuesday, September 08, 2009
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It's a funny thing to teach a message on work when a big part of your work is teaching messages.

You want to give that your best shot because the last thing you want to think is "Well, that teaching on work wasn't my best work".

Those last two sentences will make sense to anyone who teaches for a living. For the rest of you...

I ran across a quote that I wish I had read prior to Sunday.

It is from Justin Martyr, a Christian writer from the second century. He made the rather breathtaking observation that in the ancient near east in the second century some of the plows made by Jesus and his carpenter-father Joseph were still in use one hundred or so years after his death.

In addition to being the God-Man and the Savior of the world, Jesus was a kick-butt carpenter. His craftmanship lasted more than a century.

When we think of Jesus and the material wood, we think of his Cross.

But what about his plows?

With his broader purpose and all he had going on he still took the time to do his job - his blue collar job - with incredible diligence. He knew that his work mattered, as all legitimate work does in God's eyes. He knew that doing our jobs well is a form of worship.

That's still true.

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