Monday Reflections

Monday, April 12, 2010
What an amazing Monday outside! However, because this week is slammed I am keyboard bound which is not all bad because I got stuff from this weekend...

-Wow, and I mean wow as to the response to week one of Flip This House - Flipping Marriage. Now, I knew the topic struck a nerve after yesterday morning, but I was blown away to get the news an hour ago that the number of people who checked off the Next Steps Box about strengthening their marriage this week DWARFED any response to a Next Steps Box ever. I mean, dwarfed. God is up to something big and good. If you were one of the ones who made that commitment, then press in and be faithful this week - three conversations!

-God's message for your marriage - YOU CAN DO THIS, WITH MY HELP!

-Fortunately, we are a church blessedly united on mission and philosophy. But I know that some churches aren't. If you happen to be a church leader in a church struggling over worship debates, I want to tell you a little about yesterday at NLC.

We did a song by the band Snow Patrol called "Chasing Cars". It is not a "Christian" song by any stretch of the imagination. It describes the Western ideal of romantic love - eros - as our Savior. The worship Pharisees in the world would be quick to say "How could you have music in church that is secular, unbiblical, nauseam".

Well, we took that song and used it as a counter-example to Scripture's teaching about marriage; not condemning or judging our culture but using it to illustrate and set the Scripture in relief.

This is using artistic gifts from God to illuminate biblical truth, speak into and for our culture, and attempt to change hearts and minds by making the Gospel clear.

-There were more cars in the parking lot at 9:30 yesterday than at 9:30 on EASTER! And Spring Break was still in force. Where are all these people coming from? I'll tell you - because NLC people are investing and inviting - keep it up!

-Keep it up, especially this Sunday because I am finishing the message begun yesterday - talking about Jesus' second key to a marriage that thrives.

-Finally watched the film "Gran Torino" with Miranda last night. It is "R" for a reason, so don't let your kids watch it (shooting violence and language) but if you are an adult who enjoys film and has the spiritual maturity not to take offense, it is a must-see. One of the most vivid (literally) portrayals of Gospel sacrifice I have ever seen. An incredible illustration of love's power to alter the stubborn human heart. Off the charts acting. Wow.

-I am impressed with my lacrosse-playing son, Justin. This is his first year playing the sport and he is a stud goalie. He got hit directly by a ball on his upper arm and the thing looks as if an annoyed red alien has taken up residence in his bicep. The boy is tough.

-Putting my man card at risk, I actually participated in a nearly two hour engagement photo shoot in downtown Monroe on Saturday afternoon. If you happened to see me there, I am sorry - I usually don't stand that way. I am not very good at striking a pose, yo. Sorry, but deeply grateful to generous and talented friends and soon to be sister and brother in law!

-Amazing, packed week coming up - excited!

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