Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts

Tuesday, April 06, 2010
Took Monday morning off from work and Monday off entirely from this blog..back to it this afternoon because there is so much to report from this weekend!

-Easter Sunday was absolutely amazing. We had more people on our campus than any Sunday in our history and more people pray to receive Jesus than on any one day in our history. In the second service we filled virtually every chair we owned and the ones we begged, borrowed, and rented. Wow! We know we will have to have at least three services on Easter next year.

-Those numbers made no sense on Spring Break weekend, even on Easter. It happened because you guys took investing and inviting seriously - WAY TO GO!

-The volunteer army - including the guys driving parking shuttle buses from Stallings Elementary - were incredible. This was spring break weekend - tons of our regulars were away - and we still had incredible volunteers at every position. We had literally hundreds of first time visitors and there is no way they came away with anything but a great welcome.

-You guys could not have known this but Harrison was sick and every note he sang cost him something in terms of pain. He did an incredible job, with no complaints. I am so blessed to get to work with him.

-Yes, that was an automobile in the Student Center.

-Am being blow away by this book - the true story of the son of a worldwide terrorist leader who meets Jesus. It is totally challenging me with how seriously and literally he takes the teachings of Jesus. Much more later.

-The XXL "No Perfect People Allowed" volunteer T-shirt was not big enough for my football/lacrosse playing stud of a son, Justin. The boy is a beast!

-Miranda gave me grace for the ball and chain sight gag. I am a blessed man in my fiancee'!

-Can't wait for "Flip This House". Keep investing and inviting for this week - I promise you that you will have practical, biblical strategies that will immediately improve your marriage if you are here this week!

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