Monday Reflections

Monday, April 26, 2010
After a weekend like this one, all I can say is WOW.

-The Xtreme Home Makeover went better than our wildest dreams.
.......Over 300 people participated in ways huge and small - but every second of participation was important!
.......More than 250 were there for the Big Reveal to welcome the Rader family home
.......Our leaders, including Melissa Jackson, Kevin and Kirsten Kennedy, Tammy Morris, Mike Pearn, John Davis, and MANY OTHERS were off the chain great.
.......Still can't believe what happened with the swimming pool.
.......Still can't believe how cool the Man Cave/Storage Shed is in the backyard
.......Still can't believe I get to serve a church that Gives Love Away like you guys do!

-Let's do another one, shall we?

-Spoke straight from the heart about the importance of living life in God's economy rather than the human economy and the outworking of this in the biblical Tithe. Am excited about how many folks are going to take the Four Month Tithe Challenge and discover unprecedented levels of faith and joy and freedom.

-It was hard to share one statistic: that only around 8.5% of NLCers are active tithers.

-Was amazing to share another statistic: that out of a church family of 1,600 or so, 550 have made first time decisions to follow Christ in the last four years. That is incredible and shows how NLCers are passionate and intentional about investing in and inviting people who are disconnected from Christ and/or his church.

-Was encouraged to share the challenge: What if we were as passionate and intense about tithing as we are about investing and inviting...what could God NOT do through us?!?!

-Impressed again with our worship artists - Harrison had throat problems so the band came through without a Thursday night rehearsal and with Mark stepping in to lead after getting off a plane Saturday night. In spite of those odds you guys led us well in worship!

-Saw a lot of sunburned faces and sore necks at worship on Sunday morning! Something to do with a little Xtreme Home Makeover perhaps???

-Already SUPER excited for this Sunday's continuation of Flip This House - talking about the challenges, heartbreak and joy of parenting. Whom can YOU INVITE?

-No pastor loves the church he serves more than I love Next Level! So grateful for these people...

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