Next Steps

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
I would venture to say you cannot come to more than two Sunday services at Next Level and not hear the phrase "next steps in your spiritual journey". I know for a fact that you could not come to even one FUEL volunteer gathering or Starting Point experience without hearing those words.

What do we mean when we say "next spiritual steps" and why do we say it so much.

Life is a series of steps taken one after the other. A child's first steps which begin a life-long career of walking. A step to begin a new relationship ("Hi, my name is Todd. What's yours?"). A step to get off of the couch and become more healthy - and a few more steps each day. A step towards recovery ("I will go to this meeting just this once. That's all I can promise"). A step towards forgiving someone who has hurt you ("I am not ready to let it go but for this day I won't nurture the anger").

Our life is defined not so much by our big overarching decisions (to marry or not and if so whom, where to go to school, what career path to choose, what friendships to maintain and which to let go, how to spend our money, the nature of our spiritual beliefs) but by the little steps which get us in position to make those big decisions.

If we can take the next right step then that puts us in position to take the NEXT right step. A series of next right steps leads to ending up in the right destination after a journey that is focused and sure (albeit adventurous).

At Next Level our mission is to help everyone that we influence take the next right spiritual step in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Perhaps it is being open to believing in him for the first time. Perhaps it is trusting him and committing to become his follower. Perhaps it is turning away from a destructive habit or relationship or deciding to trust or tithing or going on a cross-cultural missions trip or forgiving an abusive parent or attending a Life Group or exercising a spiritual gift or committing to regular time with a SOAP journal.

The one thing that is certain is that we all have a next right spiritual step.

What's yours?

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