Monday Reflections

Monday, April 19, 2010
What I learned this weekend:

-When a pastor of a healthy church confesses that he snores shockingly loudly for someone his size the people do not mock, laugh, or turn away in revulsion...they offer helpful suggestions and empathize with the guys he is riding with in an SUV to Florida that afternoon. Thank you, NLC.

-So, we arrived in Orlando and I woke up this morning (I, who am usually about the first person in any group to awaken) to an empty rental house. I fear that either Jesus has returned and left me out or the snoring really is THAT bad. Guys? Guys?

-So as I sit here in solitude, let me reflect on Sunday...


-We have never had a start to a teaching series with the response that Flip This House has had. It is clear that God is stirring up a deep desire for men and women at NLC (and it will stretch beyond our walls simply because of our size) to lean into their marriages with God's help. I am stirred by your commitment and resolve, NLC! Teaching yesterday was one of those holy moments. What you heard and resolved in those moments - ACT and BELIEVE! God was present and he is with you. As a matter of fact, he has a message for YOU:

-"You can do this - - with My help".

-I am continually amazed by the gifts, talents and total lack of pride in our worship ministry. These guys are incredible players and yet there is not any of the sense of entitlement that sometimes comes with skilled performers. How Harrison executed the borderline falsetto of Train's "Hey, Soul Sister" and Coldplay's "Fix You" back to back is beyond me - do you guys realize how vocally challenging those two tunes are? And the band was amazing. So grateful for these men and women who serve so well and so humbly.

-That's it for now...gotta find my guys!

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