A Bench for April Fools

Thursday, April 01, 2010
Well, it is April Fool's Day and so far best joke of the day goes to Google, which has swapped names with Topeka, Kansas.

That's right, today we are Topeka-ing for information.

At Next Level, we have a special place in our heart for fools.

There is a new bench on the Matthews Campus, directly across from the Welcome Center. We are calling it the Fools' Bench.

This is where I hope you will sit when you are waiting for a disconnected friend to show up on a Sunday morning at NLC. A friend you have invested in, prayed for, and have now invited to come to a place where they can hear about how much God loves them.

Sometimes that person won't show. And when that happens you can feel foolish.

But it is a holy kind of foolishness that comes when you have laid your reputation and pride on the line for someone to show them you care.

I hope that every time we pass the Fools' Bench (and, by the way, we hope to add more benches to the campus soon) we are reminded to pray for people disconnected from God.

And I hope that when you see someone sitting on the Fools' Bench you give them a word of encouragement and a prayer for their friend as you pass by.

And I can't wait to see who is sitting there on Easter Sunday!

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