Monday Recap, ONE THING Week 3

Monday, October 10, 2011
Well, first, welcome to the newly minted NLC Blog, now called Access Next Level!

We'll be posting here five times a week, giving you information about NLC that you can't get anywhere else. The standard Monday post recaps the teaching from the day before, so that you can dig deeper into God's words.

Yesterday was week three of ONE THING and it was one of the most incredible days in our history. Dozens and dozens of people came forward, knelt at the altar and invited Christ into their lives. The same thing happened in the Student Center and Kid City as well - we had people trusting Christ for the first time in each of our buildings yesterday. How incredible is that?!?!

In a nutshell, we learned that Jesus had to die on the cross so that the broken relationship we have with God could be mended and so that the penalty for our rebellion against God's authority in our lives could be paid.

Jesus HAD to die, because:

Forgiveness always involves suffering, and
Love always involves substitution.

On the cross, where Jesus suffered as our substitute, God's mercy and justice met perfectly.

And this compels us to trust him with the totality of our lives.

I am praying that as our Life Groups interact with this teaching this week that even more people will pray to receive Christ - will you pray for that with me?

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