Night of Worship

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes on Sunday mornings, I get so caught up in what's going on with Student Ministry, that I totally miss out on some of the cool moments that happen in the main auditorium. Then afterwards, I always try and catch up with someone who experienced it firsthand and get the scoop on how it went. Just a habit I guess. But it got me thinking...

For many of you, it's the exact opposite. Maybe you serve in Kid City, or in First Impressions, or in the auditorium, and you never get the chance to see what's going on Student Ministry. Well, this post is for you!

This past Sunday night, the student ministry of NLC had one of those "cool moments," and I wanted to make sure you got a glimpse of what took place. It was the student ministry "NIGHT OF WORSHIP."

The night started off with a huge anthemic chorus of the song
How He Loves Us, and I'm telling you, with well over 100 students in the room our kids were singing louder than I have EVER HEARD! To get the night started right, we had a cross set up at the front. We encouraged students to think of areas of their lives they had not yet fully surrendered to God. We had them write those areas down and place them on the cross. At this point students had laid it all down, in wreckless abandon, and were truly ready to worship with everything that they had. GOD WAS IN THE ROOM. Not because we "let the spirit move," or any other churchy cliche that we tend to say when get goosebumps in a worship service, but because individual students had postured themselves in such a way that they were ready to meet with God, and experience His presence personally, not just corporately.

Through singing, experiencing communion together, and spoken word, the next hour was an hour many of us never wanted to end, and won't soon forget. I challenged our students to be the kind of student ministry that is ALL ABOUT connecting friends, neighbors and coworkers to God...not because you feel obligated to, but because you desperately want them to experience the same relationship you are experiencing. You want them to be able to worship they same way you worship. You want them to HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE! I challenged them to use their worship as fuel to go out and change the world.

This will be a milestone in the spiritual life of Wi-Fi Student Ministry. It was an amazing night, and I personally want to thank every volunteer that came out that afternoon early and stayed late to make this night a reality. Your investment is one that will continue to pay out dividends in the months and years to come.

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