A Huge Weekend and an Announcement

Thursday, October 06, 2011
Hey, guys - two things for you today.

1. NO, we have not forgotten about this blog. At Next Level, we are always tinkering and changing things, striving for continuous improvement. This goes for the blog as well. We are relaunching this blog next week with a new look and fresh content five days a week! Very excited about this, as it will offer you the chance to get insider information about what's going on at NLC, on a more frequent basis. Make sure you stop by next Monday and check the new look out!

2. I can't overemphasize how huge this coming Sunday is, as we round into week three of ONE THING. We're pulling out all the stops to put a crystal clear summary of the Gospel message out and to give people a concrete chance to respond and commit their lives to Christ. If you have anyone in your life you have been investing in, THIS WEEK is the time to get them here. It is going to be an eternity-altering deal. So, be praying, investing, and INVITING!

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