A Possible Reason We are Out-of-Shape

Thursday, March 08, 2012
We don't do prayerful Pilates.
We don't do Karate for Christ.
We don't do Lacrosse for the Lord.
We don't do Jazzercize for Jesus.
We don't do Zumba with Zeal for the Lord. (That one was definitely a stretch...)

You might be thinking that we're a pretty out-of-shape bunch. But that's not the point.  The point is that as a church there are a lot of good things that we could do.  But then we would be doing a bunch of good things, well... good.

We'd rather just do a couple of things with real excellence that line up with who God has called us to be.
We Live Life Together - through Life Groups.
We Give Ourselves Away - primarily through volunteer service
We Connect People to God - through investing and inviting to the Sunday Worship Experience

And that's pretty much it.  If you are a part of Next Level and you are consistently missing one of those three things then you are missing out on 33% of the Next Level experience.  Is some of it hard? Sure, but things worth doing are rarely easy.

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