The Power of And

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It does not show up in most English Bible translations, but the Ten Commandments (found in Deuteronomy 5) are linked with a very important word.

The little word "and".

"You shall not murder. AND you shall not commit adultery. And you shall not steal..."

The point is that the Commandments are not isolated from each other. They work together to reveal the way God has designed the world to work and for us to reflect his character.

And it's not just the Ten Commandments.

The teachings of Scripture are connected.

-Obey God and you will experience his presence.
-Be generous with your resources and God will bless you.
-Share your faith joyfully and regularly and God will allow you to see disconnected people in your life get connected with him.
-Continually trust God with your challenges and your anxiety level will decrease.

What this means is that following Christ is a journey that unfolds as we go, with twists and turns and unexpected surprises.

it's not a static do it yourself plan, painting by numbers or impossible to decipher IKEA instruction manual.

Where are you in the journey? And what next step could result in a spiritual breakthrough for you?

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