Skip Church This Sunday

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Thought that title might grab your attention.

Hey, if you attend the Matthews Campus and are NOT scheduled to volunteer this weekend, let me encourage you to be present for the Grand Opening Launch of our Blakeney Campus this Sunday at 10 AM at Ardrey Kell High School.

That's right - skip your regular church experience to help our partners at Blakeney have a real sense of momentum and energy as we introduce ourselves to the Ballantyne and Blakeney community.

If you can't make it Sunday, let me encourage you to be part of Springfest at Ardrey Kell on Saturday from 1-5 PM. This is the high school's annual fundraiser and NLC is a big part - manning booths, refereeing games, setting up and tearing down, and our bands will be present providing music. It is a great way to introduce ourselves to and serve our new community.

Let Campus Pastor Kevin Kennedy know if you can spare a couple of hours to volunteer - Or simply bring your family out for a great time.

If you can't make either Saturday or Sunday, there is one thing you can do - PRAY.

Pray for a successful launch, for folks disconnected from Christ and his church to come, for Blakeney Campus attenders to rock inviting the friends they are investing in, and for God to be honored as we realize our vision to be One Church in Multiple Locations!

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