The Biggest Weekend of The Year [Todd]

Thursday, April 09, 2009
Christmas is key, but I am convinced that the most spiritually sensitive weekend of the year is Easter.

That is why we are doing everything we can at NLC to make the services this weekend unforgettable.

That is why we have had meeting after meeting to brainstorm creative details, argue (good-naturedly) over songs and transitions and elements of the worship service.

That is why staff and volunteers are all over the Campus this week getting things spotless and organized and sodded and immaculate.

That is why I am spending way more time even than usual working on every detail of a message that will be shorter than usual.

All because this is a once a year opportunity to capture hearts and minds and lives for Christ.

But it only works if YOU invite people that you have been investing in.

And it only works if YOU pray for God to show up in ways that will dwarf our best and most passionate efforts.


Who have YOU invited?

How focused are YOU on prayer?

Let's make sure we don't leave anything out on the field this weekend - I can't wait!

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