Good Friday Notes[Todd]

Friday, April 10, 2009
Well, we are here. The most spiritually sensitive and opportune weekend of the year. Instead of the usual Friday notes format, I want to communicate one big idea to you today:

Pray and Invite.

That's it. Please be praying for our services this weekend. An immense amount of work has gone into them, hours spent. As I am typing this and working on finishing the teaching, a small army of staff and volunteers are working at the Campus, getting it into pristine condition for our guests. God wants to do big stuff in connecting disconnected people to Himself this weekend. Pray!

And invite. Who are you bringing with you this Sunday for Easter?

Pray and Invite.

Ok, and one small idea. Remember to tweet during the service on Sunday!

-If you haven't already, sign up hereand link it to your cell phone.
-Tweet your experience of God during Sunday morning, using the words nextlevel in there somewhere so your tweet will be searchable.
-Remember to put your phone on silent!
-Later on, use Twitter's search function to experience what others were experiencing!

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