Home Madeover! [Todd]

Monday, April 27, 2009
It's hard to imagine a more amazing weekend than the one that just concluded with the Jacobs family moving back into their newly madeover home in Monroe last night...a moment shared with nearly 200 of their best Next Level Church friends.

-A weekend of dozens of volunteers giving (in some cases) an hour and (in some cases) working nearly around the clock. Guys going home after working into the wee hours to sleep for a few hours and then back at it at 7 AM.

-The most incredible playhouse in the backyard for the Jacobs girls...one that the guys who built it spent LAST weekend in addition to this one putting together.

-People of all ages and skill levels finding something to do - and everyone with incredible attitudes.

-Contractors donating their crews, time and equipment - in a tough economic time for them.

-The guy at Lowe's giving us a weekend discount of 50% (!).

-Life Groups coming together to OWN their part of the house.

-The last frantic two hours. I have to tell you, I thought there was NO WAY the house would be ready. I don't know that I have ever seen more focused teamwork and intense labor than what happened from 4-6 PM. Sit down, Ty Pennington, or whatever your name is (I confess I have never once seen the TV show Extreme Home Makeover. Or an episode of American Idol either. I know, I know.)

-The absolutely incredible leadership of Melissa Jackson, Kevin and Kirsten Kennedy, and Steve Webb.

-The conclusion of the Reveal - with the family and their friends surrounded in the backyard, tears, laughter, prayer, joy.

-For all of you that were a part, THANK YOU!! For all of you that couldn't be this time around, there will be plenty more opportunities to give love away as the Give:Love Project only grows more ambitious!

(all photos courtesy of Teresa Templin)

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