Friday Notes [Todd]

Friday, April 17, 2009
-Excited about the start of famreality this week. Trusting that this will be a helpful series for all regardless of what kind of family structure you live in. I get things kicked off this Sunday with Dream - talking about what God's dream for our family lives is. Want to get a head start? Here's the text.

-We continue to get notes and e-mails from around the country as media attention to our Easter Twitter experiment has spread. I love the unintended consequences of this sort of thing - even though we did this to share a new experience in worship in Charlotte, church leaders from all over are telling us that they are encouraged and challenged to try new things themselves. Go God!

-We're just a week away from the Home Makeover! Hope you can set aside at least an hour between April 24-26 to help out. We need both skilled AND unskilled labor. And, if you possibly can, plan on being there for the Reveal at 6 PM on Sunday. We'll have directions in your seat on Sunday and on this blog next week.

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