Friday Notes [Todd]

Friday, April 03, 2009
-Posted this to Twitter/Facebook already, but I really love the text for this Sunday, week 2 of our mini-series Invest/Invite. It is Luke 5:27-32...why don't you read it ahead of time, already?? :)

-I am talking about Invite this week...who do you have lined up to invite to Easter Sunday at Next Level??? We have been working on the creative elements for months now, with a lot more intensity the last few is going to be amazing, I believe!

-Have you signed up for Twitter yet and have your cell phone keyed to it? Remember, we are going to be tweeting our experiences of God on Easter Sunday. I'll talk more about the whys of this on Sunday.

-Don't know about your Life Group, but the guys in my group are stepping up BIG in terms of our part of the Extreme Home Makeover...we OWN the back deck! How about your Life Group? April 24-26, remember...

-The Charlotte Observer is supposed to have something on our Easter Twitter experiment in religion editor Tim Funk's column tomorrow...check it out!

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