Easter: Behind the Scenes (Harrison)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Easter Sunday was pretty fantastic, IMHO(In My Humble Opinion). I mean, there were tons of people there, Pastor Todd kicked butt, and the band flat out rocked. What you may not know is that a TON of work went into Easter Sunday by everyone on staff and by many volunteers. Here is my own personal day-by-day account...

Monday: Harrison picks out the music for the Easter service. His original choice of special music, "Circus", by Britney Spears, is chided by the rest of the staff as "abhorrent". Harrison, with help, decides instead to play "Come Alive" by the Foo Fighters and "Magnificent" by U2. The band is emailed the songs and everyone begins learning the music.

Tuesday: Creative team meeting in the afternoon. Final worship order is hashed out. Harrison, Jared, and Robbie have a celebration dance party as Todd shakes his head in shame. Decision is made to film the Schweigers for a FamReality Promo video.

Wednesday: Harrison goes to Schweigers to film the FamReality Promo. Orders pre-teen brothers to fight each other on film for a truly churchy moment. Harrison realizes Rick 'Allen' Schweiger has the voice of a movie trailer guy. Filming goes well, rug burns aside.

Thursday: Band practice at 7pm at the church. Harrison and the band work hard ironing out all the kinks in the songs. Drummer Bryan Hall throws down some hot beats. Harrison and the band are mad impressed. Harrison then gets made fun of for of for saying "hot beats" and "mad impressed". We are about ready for Sunday!

Friday: Workday at the church, cleaning up from moving in to the new building (finally). Massive amounts of old useless crap are sifted through. Kathy Risch cannot throw things away. It is a gift and a curse. Jared Kirk and his army of student minions lay massive amounts of sod around the church.

Saturday: Relax! And halfway through the day, Harrison remembers a bunch of things he has still forgotten to do... Emily sighs as Harrison works on the computer. Then he finishes and they all eat hamburgers.

Sunday: Easter! No day in the park... lots of work to be done around campus all day, but the end result is worth it! Music rocked, tech team did their jobs to perfection, Todd teaches an awesome sermon, people feel welcome... all great stuff.

And now you know what goes into it!

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