Twitter on CNN (Jared)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
OK. So those of you who are loyal NLC Blog readers will probably already know better than most, but the whole twitter experiment hit hard (in a good way) this week! What's that? You demand evidence!? Fine.

Exhibit A: Check the front page of the Charlotte Observer, fools!!

Exhibit B: Check the local news, suckers!!

Exhibit C: We were on CNN, what now!!

Exhibit D: And Creative Loafing, woot woot!! (honestly, I'm not linking to Creative Loafing's website, it can be a wee bit innappropriate)

Also, here's another Exhibit

So for those of you in the know, and those of you just now knowing, Way To Go! Your participation in the sunday morning twitter experiment allowed thousands of people disconnected from God and His Church to hear about Next Level. And on top of that everyone in people's twitter-spheres (I just made that word up) heard about the amazing things that God is doing at Next Level. Was it a bit out of the box? You bet. But we're willing to go to crazy lengths to connect people to God and His Church!

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