All the Good on Wednesday Nights (Jared)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
I'm really excited about Wednesday Night Community tonight.

Last week was actually the first time I had a led a group like that and the response from all of you was incredible. The cool part is that this week is going to be even better. The worship is incredible, the discussion is easy and free, and the material is so refreshing.

I know now is the time for a lot of people to go on vacation, so my challenge to you is this: If you are in town over the summer months you've got to be at Next Level! Because while summer may slow things down around the home, we keep pushing ahead full steam to transform the entire city of Charlotte, one life at a time, starting with you!

I also can't post without bragging on all of you for the way you stepped up and gave toward childcare for the Life Group for single moms that will be meeting on campus this Fall. If we all contribute $5 a person then we'll have it completely paid for by the end of Wednesday Night Community and we'll have taken a huge step as a community toward helping single-moms take their next step in their relationship with God. I can only imagine how good a break must feel in the middle of the week when you are the full-time parent, provider, chef, and chauffeur.

So if you're in town, I'll see you tonight. Take a break from cooking, bring the kids, grab some pizza and I'll see you there.

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