Spiritual Success In The Summer, Part Two [Todd]

Monday, June 15, 2009
The first part of this series of posts on spiritual success in the summer was all about relaxing, taking time to slow down and listen to God - to do things that are restoring. That does not mean that it's a good idea to take our foot off of the spiritual gas pedal in the summertime, though.

It's easy to allow that to happen in the summer. Routines are different, kids are home, we take vacations and get out of our day to day practices. It's easy to look up in August and realize that we have lost our focus on spiritual disciplines and growth - maybe we have even lost some spiritual traction.

How to avoid that? One simple way: Set at least one specific spiritual growth goal each month for the summer.

-Maybe it is to read through one book of the Bible leisurely and well (dozens of NLC folks committed to reading each day in Galatians during the Religionless series).

-Maybe it is upping the amount of time spent in prayer - even if only for a few minutes.

-Maybe is it specifically serving someone who is economically poor once a month, as a family project.

-Maybe it is memorizing a Bible verse per week.

-Maybe it's picking a biblical topic that interests you and determining that you are going to know more about it in August than you do in June.

-Maybe it is sharing why your faith in Christ is important to you and how it has changed your life with one person each week.

Figure out the goal, make a plan to achieve it, ask someone else to check up on you, and go for it!

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