Curb Appeal!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
If you're free, stop by and help out the "CURB APPEAL" Team, on Saturday, July 25th from 7:30-10:30am! What's the "Curb Appeal" Team? We're glad you asked!

Curb Appeal is a new ministry that offers you the opportunity to "give yourself away" by making our campus more attractive and inviting. Did you know that people decide within the first 7 minutes they are on campus whether or not they are going to return to a church! Yep, it's true...long before the service ever begins! That's why this team is soooo important! This ministry goes hand in hand with our First Impressions team as we seek to make a great impression on our guests as they drive onto the campus. An eye-catching campus may be the very thing that helps someone take the next step in their spiritual life so the impact of this ministry is far beyond the grass, weeds and the heat of the day. Come and stay as long as you can. If that's only half an hour, we'll take it! Here's what we need...if you have some of these items, bring them along!

Brush Busters
Bush Hog
Round-up / weed killer
Wheel Barrel
Push mower
Steel rake
Shrub trimmer

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