Best Week Ever...[Todd]

Monday, June 08, 2009
I honestly believe that we have just finished the best week of ministry in the short history of Next Level Church.

It started last Sunday with the launch of Religionless. I have never been more SURE that we were supposed to be in a new series than I am of this one. It is absolutely the right time for NLC to dive deep into Galatians and let it transform us! And I think God confirmed that two Sundays ago.


Because there was something weird in the air for part of the morning, a sort of glaze over everything, a sort of sluggishness. Harrison and I both felt the same thing early in the first service. So I prayed HARD between services, and enlisted a few other folks to do so as well...and by the end of the morning there was some level of breakthrough happening. A few of our leaders were unsettled because the morning felt weird. I was anticipating great things because that "glaze" tends to happen when God wants to show up big and the Enemy wants to resist.

And then there was Wednesday Night Community. The energy in the air was crackling (seriously, if you were not there you NEED to be a part over the next four weeks absolutely every time you can!). People who did not know each other were diving in deep in discussion groups, the worship was rich and intense, all three tracks had something special going on.

The Friday night at the WiFi allnighter...I talked about it yesterday but it is OFF THE CHAIN for 63 kids to receive Christ without music, without dimmed lights, just stark bright lights and "stand up in front of your friends right now and go talk to a counselor in the back of the room...right. now". The volunteers from the all-nighter were absolutely glowing yesterday morning. Bleary-eyed, yet talking in the wide-eyed way I have learned people talk when they genuinely have witnessed a God-thing.

And then yesterday morning - incredible worship, attendance that made NO SENSE for this time of year, tons of new faces.

Folks, we are seeing something that many people never get to see.

A church that is operating with a spending freeze on non-essentials, with a location that is - to put it mildly - off the beaten path, that deliberately puts the focus on Christ and not on peripheral things or personalities...and God is showing up and blessing us WAY beyond our abilities, resources, or what we deserve.

As I tweeted last night, I am grateful, humble, stunned. Thanks for letting me be a part, Next Level!

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