Thursday, June 18, 2009
I know most of you who read this blog never get a chance to peel away and sneak over into the student center to see what all the noise is. So let me help you out by letting you in on a little something...that noise...is simply in my opinion, THE BEST FRICKIN STUDENT MINISTRY ON THE PLANET!

That's not at all to try and prop up Jared or myself (although when it comes to a ministry leader, you can't ask for anyone better than Pastor Jared Kirk!) No, it's more to prop up the incredible students we have at NLC! In 5 years of doing student ministry, I've never met a group of students more sold out to the vision of connecting people to God, than these kids! And that's not a bunch of pastoral fluff and hype either. These kids are the real deal! Let me see if I can paint this picture a little more clearly...

In the last 4 months:

-5 Middle Schoolers have accepted Christ in their Sunday Morning Service...

-11 High Schoolers have accepted Christ in their Sunday Morning Service...

-16 Students have been baptised to publicly declare their new life in Christ...

-63 guests made decisions to follow Christ at the all nighter...

-Our kids stepped up & invited their friends to church and we had 185 people at the all nighter!

-We have seen overall student ministry grow from an average of 65 students to 100 students...EVERY SUNDAY!!!

Our students absolutely get it, and you should be proud to go to church with them! So next time you walk by the student center, and hear all that "noise," just know that is the noise of Students who are:

-excited about God
-broken for their disconnected friends,
-and absolutely sold out on the Mission of Next Level Church!

Wanna know more about what we do:

Our High School Ministry (HSM) at NLC shatters the stereotype that church is boring. Our services are created to worship in a way that is a blast for believers and welcoming to those who don't normally go to church. We offer an experience that allows students to worship God in a way that makes it easy for them to invite their friends.

The there's "frequency"…church for middle schoolers! If you are in 6th, 7th or 8th grade, Frequency is the place for you! Weekend services that include an incredible worship band, grade-oriented connection groups and insane games are all part of the middle school experience. Our middle school ministry was created to help middle schoolers experience God’s awesome love in a setting designed just for them!

Bottom line...If you see a student around campus...make sure and tell them, "YOU ROCK!" And if you know a middle or high schooler who's not plugged in with WI-FI student ministries, make sure you shoot em an invite!
For More Info., visit the student blog at www.nextlevelstudents.com!

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